Remarks by Ambassador Ted Osius at the film screening of “Chau, Beyond the Lines”

Ambassador Osius at the film screening of “Chau, Beyond the Lines”

American Center, Rose Garden, Hanoi
Tuesday, April 19, 2016, 4:00 p.m.

(as prepared)

Chào tất cả quý vị!

It is a pleasure to join you today to view the Oscar-nominated documentary “Chau, Beyond the Lines” and hear from partners and advocates. The film shows a young man who strives to dream and take risks, even if he has to overcome a different set of challenges than most of us. Chau refuses to be a victim. I’m inspired by him and I respect him.

The young people in the first part of the film treat each other as family, not as victims. We can learn from them. Disability does not equal inability, and the film shows how much our lives are shaped by society’s response to who we are as individuals.

We’re showing this film not only to respect Vietnam’s National Disability Day but also because it reminds us of the importance of being honest about the past. The U.S. Government is doing that with our support to persons with disabilities and work to address war legacies. A much brighter future is possible when we face the past squarely. Having dedicated partners helps.

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