Statement by Ambassador Kritenbrink on the Passing of Former General Secretary Đỗ Mười

Media Release

HANOI, October 2, 2018 –  The U.S. Mission in Vietnam expresses sincere condolences regarding the passing of Đỗ Mười, former General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Đỗ Mười presided over the Party at a time when Vietnam began economic reforms that helped build the foundations of sustained economic growth and renewal, lifting Vietnam and its people out of poverty and providing the economic opportunities they continue to enjoy today. It was during his term as General Secretary that Vietnam and the United States were able to address our shared history openly, advance the process of reconciliation, and establish official bilateral relations in 1995. From this legacy, our governments and people have developed the deep partnership and friendship that our two nations enjoy today. We send our sympathies to Đỗ Mười’s family and loved ones, and to the people of Vietnam.