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After the Interview

If the beneficiary has not been approved for an immigrant visa, please click here.


If the beneficiary is found to be eligible for a visa at the time of the interview, then the visa will be delivered via courier service within two weeks.  Sometimes visas are not issued immediately due to administrative processing or other reasons.  Because of this, please do not make any travel arrangements for departure from Vietnam, dispose of your property, give up your job, or buy airline tickets until you have received your visa.  Delivery of your visa is free.

If your visa was approved and you haven’t provided your address yet, please immediately go here to register your address for this delivery service.  If you have any problem registering your address online, please contact the Call Center by email at: support-vietnam@ustraveldocs.com.

You will receive your passport with a visa and a brown envelope containing confidential documents.  Please DO NOT OPEN the brown envelope and do not place it in your luggage when you travel to the United States.  Instead, please carry it with you on the plane.

Note: If your visa is annotated “IV DOCS IN CCD”, then you do not need to hand-carry a sealed envelope when you enter the United States, unless you were specifically informed otherwise by our office.  For those who need to pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee, to facilitate the processing of your green cards, we suggest you do so before you depart for the United States, but please wait at least five days after the visa issuance date before attempting to pay.


How long is my visa valid?

Generally, a visa’s validity period is the same as the validity of your medical examination.  If a beneficiary knows that departure will not be possible within this period, please tell us and we will delay the issuance of your visa.  We can delay issuing your visa for up to 1 year from the day of the interview.


My visa expired and I haven’t traveled yet

Our office does not extend the validity of an issued visa.  However, an expired visa may be replaced by a new one.  Please contact us here for official instructions.