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Alumni in Vietnam 


To date, the U.S. Government is proud to have supported more than 7,000 Vietnamese alumni of our exchange programs. Our alumni are active and engaged in many important fields, including public policy, technology, climate change, health, and the digital economy.  

We are happy to count among our alumni several prominent Vietnamese individuals. Our alumni also include hundreds of teachers and young leaders who are making a difference in their local communities.  

Through small grants programs and seed funding, networking activities, and regional coordination, we support the work of our alumni as they lay a foundation for U.S.-Vietnam relations for the next generation. 

Alumni Engagement Activities in Vietnam

Alumni Gathering

It is an opportunity for newly returned youth alumni from USG exchange programs to sit back, think of the times gone by, get together to reminisce old times, catch up with old batchmates, fellow alumni from other programs.  


Alumni Talkshow

Conduct a series of talk shows with US and USG alumni who represent a broad range of fields and expertise and are leaders in their sectors, as well as have made significant contributions to the economic, environment, social, technological, media and artistic growth of the local and global communities.  

The U.S. Embassy in Hanoi will host one or a group of nationally significant alumni speakers, engaging alumni and public audience on a variety of topics. 


Alumni Voices of Exchange

Conduct a series of talk shows with USG alumni to highlight the experiences of USG alumni and increase the interest of Vietnamese in exchange programs 


Alumni Provincial Outreach

Promote the U.S. and USG exchange programs and leverage alumni resources to do programs in provinces, to present/introduce college and high schools about the U.S. values, cultures, USG exchange programs, and various topics 

Create relationship with local authorities and schools, as well as engage with local alumni 


Alumni Spotlights

Share inspiring stories and promoting alumni events and campaigns from US and USG alumni on the Facebook page of U.S. Embassy in Hanoi and Vietnamese USG Exchange Alumni.  

The U.S. Embassy Hanoi will be the perfect place to create huge opportunities to keep our alumni community virtually connected.  


Alumni Appreciation Day

This event recognizes U.S. exchange program and U.S. university alumni who were particularly active or collaborative with the Embassy over the past years. Guests would include VUSAC alumni organization board members, alumni of U.S. government exchange programs such as Fulbright, YSEALI, SUSI, IVLP, and VEF, as well as alumni from U.S. universities. Guests attending will have been in an alumni organization leadership role, developed provincial outreach for the Embassy, received small community small grants, given presentations at the American Center, served in an advisory capacity to the Embassy, or delivered remarks at the information sessions and talk shows. The event is an opportunity to thank these individuals from their hard work and encourage them to continue contributing to the bilateral relationship.