Ambassador Kritenbrink’s Visit to Hai Phong Highlights Health Cooperation and Economic Ties

Ambassador Kritenbrink visits Le Chan Statue to pay his respects to Vietnam’s famous female general, Lê Chân.

On September 28 and 29, Ambassador Daniel J. Kritenbrink visited Hai Phong, where he met with city leadership, university students, community leaders in healthcare, and visited historic and cultural sites.

In a meeting hosted by Hai Phong Party Secretary Lê Văn Thành, Ambassador Kritenbrink discussed U.S. -Hai Phong cooperation across numerous fields, including health, people-to-people programming, and U.S. business ties to the city.  Hai Phong People’s Committee Chairman Nguyễn Văn Tùng and other city leaders also attended the meeting.

Vietnam Maritime University President Dr. Phạm Xuân Dương warmly welcomed Ambassador Kritenbrink to the campus, where he held discussions with faculty and students about U.S.-Vietnam cooperation and U.S. support for freedom of maritime navigation and also experienced the University’s Maritime Simulation Room.  Ambassador Kritenbrink is the first U.S. Ambassador to visit Vietnam Maritime University.

Ambassador Kritenbrink had the opportunity to visit important cultural and historic sites during his trip.  He visited the historic Bach Dang site and learned how Vietnam successfully defended itself from three separate invasions.  The Ambassador also payed tribute to General Le Chan, considered to be the founder of Hai Phong, by visiting Nghe Temple and her impressive statue in the city center.

Underlining the long U.S.-Vietnam partnership on health, the Ambassador visited with partner organizations making a real difference in their communities.  He visited Ky Dong General Clinic, the first U.S. CDC/PEPFAR-supported private facility providing free pre-exposure prophylaxis (#PrEP) services and Le Chan Methadone Treatment Clinic, which provides effective treatment and recovery support to individuals with heroin dependence.