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November 9, 2023

The U.S. Embassy in Hanoi is selling surplus movable property (SMP) via an online auction. The auction will feature household furniture, appliance, office and IT equipment, etc.… and be activated from Nov.09 to Nov.16, 2023. During this period, interested buyers can actively take part and submit their bids for the surplus property. By participating in the auction, bidders acknowledge that they have agreed to purchase items “as is” on a nonreturnable basis, without any guarantee or warranty.

Maximum number of bids on one item is stated for each item. Bids can be increased only in the local currency name. During the auction bidders should monitor their bids and update accordingly.

Email for winners will consist of a link to the auction application where bidders can review their items, after successful login.

How to Bid

Bidders must be at least 18 years old. No registration is required but it is necessary to create an account to log in the auction website if you are a new bidder. Please contact us via email if you have any questions: Hanoi GSOAuction@state.gov. Please do not phone for information.

Hanoi Online Auction can be accessed via the following link https://online-auction.state.gov or by scanning the QR code as below:

Terms and Conditions of Sale:

  • By participating in the auction, bidders acknowledge that they have agreed to purchase items “as is – nonreturnable basis”, without any REFUND, GUARANTEE or WARRANTY.
  • Bidders are responsible for any charges, such as taxes or customs duties.
  • Winners who refuse to pay for items within three (3) working days will not be allowed to participate in any future auctions.
  • Receipt will be issued after the payment is confirmed by Embassy Cashier.
  • Notice that all arrangements and cost necessary to effect removal of the property are the responsibility of the successful bidders.
  • All sales are final, and the return of items is not allowed.
  • The U.S. Embassy reserves the right to reject any bid that is considered not to be commensurate with the value of the property.
  • In the event of a dispute as to the amount of the bid, the item, or item number, the U.S. Embassy reserves the right to re-offer the property.
  • If there is any inconsistency regarding these rules, the English version will prevail.
  • For vehicle: Releasing of vehicle to the winning bidders after bid payment, bidder will process/pay the applicable duties & taxes before releasing of vehicle to the winning bidder.

 How to Pay

 Winners can make payment for their items only by bank money transfer to the Embassy bank account:

  1. In the item “Message for recipient” fill in word “Auction” and the lot numbers winners are paying for.
  2. In the item “Variable symbol” fill in Bidder’s Unique Identification Number (UID) which can be found at “Winner’s info” auction website section.
  3. In the item “Amount” fill in the total amount in the local currency of bid(s).

In the event bidders have bid on and won more than one item they can pay the total amount due for all items in one payment by ensuring all lot numbers are identified in the aforementioned “Message for recipient” field. Items can be retrieved only when successful payment has been received. Receipt of payment is considered complete when money reaches the U.S. Embassy bank account.

Note: It could take more than one day to transfer money from bidder’s bank to the U.S. Embassy bank. Bidders will not be able to pick up their items if the payment is not indicated on the U.S. Embassy bank account.

How to Pickup

 To retrieve bidder’s items, bidders must present the original receipt of bank money transfer with all required details included in the payment paragraph above or a printed version of the Internet banking money transfer.

Any paid items that are not picked up during the scheduled time frame will be disposed of, and there will be no possibility for their retrieval. In special cases or circumstances, bidders may arrange a different pick-up date and time by contacting the auction manager.

After successful confirmation of payment for bidders’ items, our staff will move the items out to the front of the storage building. From that time on, bidders are the owner of their merchandise. They will have the full responsibility for subsequent handling procedures and removal from Embassy property in a timely manner. If items are not removed in a timely manner, they may be considered abandoned and disposed of.

Remember that winners can only access the compound during the window of time specified in the email that was provided to them. Winners won’t be allowed to enter the compound if they’re late.

Schedule:             Nov. 09-22, 2023

Nov. 09 -16 The online auction is activated for all bidders who have registered to bid. Bidders are required to monitor their bids to react on all bid price development.
Nov. 16


Email sent to winners, and they start making payment by bank transfer to the U.S. Embassy’s bank account.
Nov. 17 -20 Receipt is issued after the payment is confirmed by Embassy Cashier and winners must present the original receipt of bank money transfer to get their items.
Nov. 20-22 Warehouse staff move the items out in front of the storage building. Winners are fully responsible for removing the items from the Embassy property in a timely manner. Failure to doing so, the items may be considered as abandoned and will be disposed of.

* All decisions regarding the auction will be made by the Embassy. All decisions are considered final.

* Mission personnel who initiate, authorize, or directly control the sale of U.S. Government property are not eligible to bid.