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Photo of Ambassador Ted Osius
Ambassador Ted Osius
Vietnam is a country brimming with energy and opportunity, a country on the rise. Look beneath its stunning natural beauty, its rich culture, its warm people, and you will see one of the highest growth rates in the world, a strong and expanding middle class, and high consumer confidence.

One of the most important jobs I have as Ambassador is to help American businesses thrive in this exciting market. More economic activity between the U.S. and Vietnam not only supports American jobs, but provides Vietnam with quality goods and services, and fosters the friendship and mutual respect that has been the core of our mission here.

There has never been a more exciting time for business relations between our two countries than today. 20 years after the restoration of diplomatic ties, the U.S. and Vietnam are continuing our commitment to a comprehensive partnership, one in which free and open trade plays a huge role.

The recent finalization of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a major step towards fulfilling that commitment. This landmark Free Trade Agreement will boost economic growth by reducing tariff rates and trade barriers between the US, Vietnam, and 10 other countries which, together, constitute 40% of the global economy. This is a truly historic deal that will not only set the precedent for fair and open international trade, but establish enforceable standards for labor rights and environmental protection as well. Importantly, the TPP will allow American businesses to thrive in these high potential markets.

My embassy is here to help you advance your business and strengthen the economic ties between the U.S. and Vietnam. Please have a look at the free resources available on this site, check out upcoming events and activities, learn more about the best American export prospects, find out which U.S. companies are seeking Vietnamese partners, or, if you are Vietnamese, learn what help is available if you are interested in investing in the U.S. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.

Yours truly,
Ambassador Ted Osius

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