COVID-19-Related Quarantine Requirements and Travel Restrictions

Location:  Vietnam 

Important Information for U.S. Citizens: 

U.S. citizens are advised that Government of Vietnam regulations regarding quarantine and travel restrictions in all parts of Vietnam can change with little notice.  U.S. citizens who choose to remain in Vietnam may have their movements limited due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions.  Additionally, U.S. citizens considered at risk or exposed to COVID-19 by the Government of Vietnam may be required to quarantine in a centralized facility.  Conditions in these facilities are spartan and may lack privacy and other comforts.  U.S. citizens are reminded that they are subject to Vietnamese local laws and regulations while visiting or living in Vietnam.  U.S. citizens who wish to return to the United States can do so via commercial air.

We advise U.S. citizens to comply with the Vietnamese government’s testing and quarantine requirements.  The U.S. Embassy and Consulate cannot overrule the quarantine rules established by the Vietnamese government and may not issue any documentation requesting the Vietnamese government to waive the quarantine requirements for U.S. citizens.  For further details, please see “Question: What can you do for me if I’m forced into quarantine?” on our Frequently-Asked-Questions page here.

On August 18, Ho Chi Minh City announced that it will categorize all individuals who recently returned from Hanoi, Hai Duong, Bac Giang, Da Nang, Quang Nam, and Quang Ngai into four groups and apply different levels of health monitoring for each group for at least 14 days, including COVID-19 testing, self-quarantine, or centralized quarantine.  Please see below for a breakdown of these categories.  Individuals who receive a notification from local authorities that they are required to undergo COVID-19 testing should use a private vehicle to travel to the designated hospital and wear a face covering throughout the trip.

  • Group 1 – Individuals who had close contact with confirmed COVID-19 patients: requires centralized quarantine; COVID-19 testing.
  • Group 2 – Individuals who departed an area where strict social distancing requirements were in place: requires centralized quarantine; COVID-19 testing.
  • Group 3 – Individuals who have been to venues determined by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health as high-risk: requires self-quarantine at home; COVID-19 testing may be required if an individual has COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Group 4 – All others: self-monitor health condition; COVID-19 testing may be required if an individual has COVID-19 symptoms. 

We recommend U.S. citizens check the Embassy’s COVID-19 page daily for information, and register or update their information in the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).