DOS Small Grant Benefits Women and Girls in Binh Thuan Province

Cultural and Educational Affairs Officer Anna Dupont traveled to Binh Thuan province to launch a project to promote gender equality, economic independence, and empowerment for women and girls in the rural and ethnic minority communities of Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province. The U.S. Department of State awarded a $19,989 grant to the Thien Chi Centre for Community Support and Development to support the project, which will be carried out in cooperation with the local authorities of the district.  Specifically, the U.S. government grant will provide funding for trainings, consultations and programs to promote healthcare, women’s rights, gender equality, sex education  and critical thinking, with the goal of preventing domestic violence and abuse of women and girls living in this rural area of the province.  Approximately 400 women in the district will directly benefit from the project. “Projects like this remind us why it is so vital that the United States continues to work with Vietnamese government, civil society organizations and individuals to protect and advance the rights of Vietnamese women and girls,” said Ms. Dupont.