American Center Regulations

Operation Hours: Monday: 13:00 – 19:00; Tuesday to Friday: 8:00 – 19:00; closed on weekends and holidays.

  1. Membership: AC does not issue membership cards.
    Register to become an AC member at
    Like the Facebook page at
  2. Public events: Register to attend the AC’s monthly events at  Our regular programs last 90 minutes, and they are not appropriate for children under 14 years old, especially for popular programs with a large crowd. To ensure the quality of our programs, we reserve the right to ask groups to leave.
  3. Library services: Register for the book borrowing service at: Patrons may borrow up to 3 books (except Testing Preparation materials) for 10 days. Please visit the American Center and access to eLibraryUSA research databases through computers therein.
  4. Collection: Check the online catalog at to search for books, DVDs and magazines.
  5. Computers, iPads, Internet access, and CNN wireless headphones: AC computers, iPads and wireless headphones maybe used for educational purposes only and are limited to 2 hours of use. Online games and chatting are prohibited. Turn off and put the wireless headphones back in their designated places after use.
  6. Print & Copy service: Patrons may print or copy 10 pages per day for study purposes with permission from an AC staff member.
  7. Belongings: Patrons must store their belongings in lockers outside the American Center and self-protect them. AC takes no responsibility if items are lost. Personal laptops, iPads, mobile phones and two books/notebooks are permitted  in the AC. All other materials must be placed in lockers in the lobby.
  8. User responsibilities: Do not write on books and magazines. Put them on the mobile shelves after use. Do not bring AC property outside of the AC. Do not copy CDs/DVDs. Keep the Center clean and neat. Act mannerly and courteous to others while in the AC. Do not bring outside food or drinks into the Center. Water is near the meeting room. Rest rooms are located on the second floor. Never put back books or movies on the shelves after use. Put them in the mobile shelf near the help desk.
  9. Security check-in at the entrance:
    Visitors to the American Center must undergo security screening of their personal electronic devices (laptops, cell phones, fitness trackers, etc.). Items which could be used to cut, injure, or damage persons or property will be prohibited. No knives, box cutters, razors, scissors, firearms or flammable liquids are permitted; additional other, potentially dangerous items, may also not be allowed. If you are unclear as to whether an item is permissible, please reach out – we are happy to help! Individuals will be refused entry if they are in possession of a banned item. Please also note the following:

    * Visitors must bring an official ID (National ID, driver license, passport or other government issued identification).
    * Guests should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to an event to ensure they can get through the screening procedures in time.
    * Consider leaving your unnecessary portable electronics at home to shorten screening time for all guests.
    * Photography is allowed only in limited areas of the American Center. Please ask our staff for help!

    Visitors under age of 14: Although a photo I.D. is NOT required for entrance, all visitors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 years or older at all times while in the American Center. The required ratio of adults to children is one adult for every three visitors under the age of 14. In addition, visitors under the age of 14 may use AC computers and equipment only under adult strict supervision at all times.