U.S. Embassy Hanoi

The U.S. Embassy Hanoi is located at No 7 Lang Ha Street, Ba Dinh District in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.
You may contact the Embassy switchboard at +84-24-3850-5000.

Appointments with the Ambassador or other Embassy Officials

Please send a fax to 84-24-3850-5010, or write to:
4550 Hanoi Pl, Washington DC 20521-4550

In Vietnam:
American Embassy
7 Lang Ha Street, Hanoi, Vietnam


      As of August 1, 2017, all visitors to the American Center in Hanoi must ‎undergo additional security checks of their personal electronic devices (laptops, cell phones, fitness trackers, etc.).  These new procedures are being implemented worldwide to enhance the security of U.S. Embassy buildings. Please note that these new security screening requirements, which includes powering on the equipment in front of the guards, will lengthen the ‎wait times for guests entering the American Center.  Guests should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to an event to ensure they can get through the screening procedures in time.
      The American Center has ordered 30 laptops for visitors’ use, which we expect to arrive in the Fall.  We recommend you consider using the U.S. Embassy’s equipment and leaving your devices at home to shorten the screening time for all guests.  In the meantime, if you plan to bring this or other electronic equipment to the American Center, please allow more time for these new screening requirements.
      Please note that there are no changes to the current entry requirements for consular customers visiting the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy. However, visitors seeking consular services should be advised of and prepared for the possibility of extended wait times for screening and entry.
      Thank you for your assistance and patience.