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Request for Quotation – Packout services PR9694574

General Information

Document Type: Solicitation Notice
Solicitation Number: PR9694574
Posted Date: Feb 1, 2021
Solicitation Issue Date: Jan 05th, 2021

Bid Submission Due Date: 15:00, Feb 18, 2021 (local time GMT+7)

Brief Description:

All items/works must meet the specifications and requirements stated in SOW.
Any Purchase Order that will be issued as a result of this RFQ shall be subject to U.S. Government rules and regulations. Please find attached FAR & DOSAR documents for your reference.
For full requirement packet, please download by the link below.
Full Solicitation Packet Download

Points of Contact:

General Services Office
Procurement Unit

Ms. Michelle Zia – General Services Officer/Contracting Officer
Phone: (84-28) 3520 4443

Ms. Khanh Truong – Procurement Agent
Phone: (84-28) 3520 4304