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Management Section

Management Section: Under the supervision of the Management Officer, the various components of the Management Section provide logistical and operational support to the Embassy. The Management Section is responsible for staffing, equipping, and supporting the Embassy as a whole. Activities of the Management Section include personnel, building maintenance, fiscal management, transportation, information systems and communications for the employees of the Mission. The Management Section includes the General Service Office, Facilities Management Section, Financial Management Office, Human Resources Office, Information Management Office, Community Liaison Office, and Health Unit.

General Services Office: The General Services Office (GSO) is responsible for all matters relating to government-owned property and residential / non-residential leasing. All contracting and procurement for goods and services required by the embassy is performed by GSO. GSO manages the receiving, inventory, and warehousing functions, maintains and issues expendable and non-expendable supplies and materials, provides travel and expediting services, and is responsible for the shipment and clearance of all incoming and outgoing freight. GSO also operates and maintains a motorpool, which is comprised of a fleet of official embassy vehicles used for the transportation of embassy employees and goods for official purposes.

Financial Management: The Financial Management Office is responsible for all financial matters related to the operation of the embassy, including budgeting, accounting, cashiering, accommodation exchange, vendor payments, and travel claims.

Human Resources: The Human Resources Office is responsible for providing a full range of personnel services for both American and locally employed staff members. The Human Resources Office is responsible for time and attendance functions and implements policies and procedures which conform to local labor regulations. The Human Resources Office is in charge of recruitment, training, and recognition of employees.

Information Management: The Information Resource Management (IRM) section, led by Information Management Officer (IMO) is responsible for all network communications matters relating to supporting the US Mission Vietnam.

While abroad, the office manages and maintains the Embassy’s data and voice communications systems across video, radio, satellite, computer, and all IT communications equipment. The offices strives to keep communication protected and connected. And meets this mission through desktop support, phone connections, technology trainings, switchboard services, IT projects, and oversees the transportation and distribution of diplomatic pouch and mail. To maintain these services the office partners with many local providers.

Facilities Management: The Facilities Management Office (FMO) is responsible for the management and maintenance of all United States Government-owned properties in Benin. The FMO staff performs emergency and preventative maintenance and assists with building improvement and renovation projects. Employees are skilled in trades such as engineering, plumbing, and carpentry.

Health Unit: The Embassy’s Health Unit is responsible for the medical care of all American employees and their family members. The health unit provides medical evaluations and treatment, laboratory services, immunizations, and first aid care to patients. Referrals and medical evacuations are also handled by the medical team.

Community Liaison Office: The Community Liaison Office (CLO) works with US personnel and family members to maintain high morale at post. The CLO assists individuals in adjusting to post environment, identifies the needs of the US mission community and responds with appropriate service, information and referral. The CLO advises post management on community matters and functions as a resource for employees and family members at post.