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Office of Defense Cooperation

Representing the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) coordinates all security cooperation activities between the U.S. military and Vietnam. The ODC is responsible for managing all Department of State and Department of Defense security assistance programs, to include Foreign Military Finance, International Military Education & Training, Professional Military Education, Global Peace Operations Initiative, Peacekeeping Operations, and Building Partner Capacity.

Assistance to Vietnam

  • Coast Guard Cutter, patrol boats, and training facilities to Vietnam Coast Guard
  • Level II Hospital Unit and Training for Vietnam Military Hospital Deployment to UNMISS
  • Annual Pacific Partnership engagements with the Vietnamese provinces
  • Humanitarian Assistance (HA) Programs in Vietnam, such as schools, clinics, and disaster management coordination centers
  • Annuals school slots to U.S. Service Command Staff and War Colleges to Vietnam
  • Annual slots to Asia Pacific Center for Strategic Studies to Vietnamese Civil and Military agencies