Partial Resumption of Immigrant Visa Processing

Beginning Monday June 29, the Consulate will conduct interviews for IR-1, IR-2, CR-1 and CR-2 immigrant visa applicants who had appointments scheduled in March, April and May that were canceled because of COVID-19. Please visit this page to make a reschedule appointment. Please note that currently we are only allowed to interview these four categories; if applicants for other immigrant visa categories make appointments, they will be canceled. Also note that at this time, we are only allowed to issue IR-2 and CR-2 visas to applicants who are under 21 years of age.

* For all immigrant visa applicants other than IR-1, IR-2, CR-1 and CR-2, the Consulate is not conducting routine visa appointments.  President Trump’s Proclamation issued on April 22 and extended on June 22 suspended the issuance of certain categories of immigrant visas until December 31. Once the Presidential Proclamation is no longer in effect and our office fully resumes immigrant visa processing, we will post instructions here. Please check this website frequently for updates.  Please note that we presently cannot issue visas in categories suspended by the Presidential Proclamation, and therefore will not interview these applicants at the present time.

* Previously Issued Visas and Visa Renewals: If you already have a U.S. immigrant visa that has not expired, you may still use it to immigrate to the United States. If your immigrant visa has expired due to factors beyond your control, please contact our office here for instructions on how to renew it; there is a fee, and you will need to undergo a new medical examination. Note that we presently cannot renew visas in categories suspended by President Trump’s Proclamation.