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Prepare Your Departure to the United States
EducationUSA Pre-Departure Orientation

July 7, 2023

Congratulations on your acceptance to a U.S. college! Do you have questions about what happens next?

Join our EducationUSA Pre-Departure Orientation to learn important information about your travel arrangements, adjusting to life in the United States, campus life, and financial planning.

Our consular officers and speakers will discuss how to maintain student visa status, select courses, and develop your research skills.

We will provide Study in the U.S. booklets and gifts for all participants.


8:00 Registration
8:55 Welcome & Introduction
9:00 Travel Planning, Visa Procedures & Regulations
How to maintain your F1 Student Visa status
10:15 Coffee break
10:30 Campus Life & American Culture
12:00 End of program