Remarks by Ambassador Ted Osius at Cargill’s Ceremonial Handing Over of Hong Minh Kindergarten

Ambassador Ted Osius at Cargill’s Ceremonial Handing Over of Hong Minh Kindergarten

Good morning. CEO MacLennan; Mr. Cargill; Mr. Chanh Truong; Mr. Trần Công Thành, Vice Chairman of Phu Xuyen District Peoples’ Committee; Mr. Nguyễn Văn Điềm, Vice Chairman of Hong Minh Commune; Madam Nguyễn Thị Thỏa, Principle of Hong Minh Kindergarten School; distinguished guests, teachers and students.

Today, we celebrate a number of milestones of the Cargill Company: their 150th Anniversary as a company, their 20th Anniversary in Vietnam, and the handover of the 75th school under the Cargill Cares Program.

Twenty years ago, Cargill was one of the first U.S. investors to return to Vietnam following the normalization of diplomatic relations in 1995. Since then, they have expanded their investment and active business presence in Vietnam. Cargill develops feed for livestock; Cargill trains the farmers how to administer the feed properly; Cargill nourishes young minds by building schools in remote and underserved areas to improve the quality of education.

As important as the products they produce and their brick and mortar investments in Vietnam is their commitment to the Vietnamese people. Cargill employs about 1,500 local Vietnamese. Others emulate their corporate social responsibility model because it enhances the lives of the individuals both in the communities in which it operates as well as in rural areas where children need school buildings. Through Cargill Cares, the company has built 75 schools across Vietnam. Currently over 13,000 students receive their education at Cargill Cares schools – including the nearly 150 kindergarten students here today.

I am very proud today to stand here with Cargill’s Chief Executive Officer David MacLennan, Richard Cargill, and representatives of the local community to handover this kindergarten to the community that will benefit from it.

Mr. MacLennan, Mr. Cargill, congratulations on these accomplishments! I commend your entire team and Cargill’s commitment to Vietnam. I commend the community that engages with you to build a better future for its residents and, especially, its children. It’s obvious to all of us that Cargill truly “cares” and the U.S. Embassy is proud to support your company’s achievements in Vietnam.

Thank you.