Remarks by Ambassador Ted Osius at Hoa Quy Medical Station, Danang, Vietnam

I am delighted to be here to open up the newly refurbished Hoa Quy Medical Station.

This medical center, which serves a community of over 13,000 residents, is now better equipped to handle the health care needs of this community.

Pacific Partnership is about partnership. Our cooperation with Hoa Quy medical professionals has been outstanding, and I want to thank them for their willingness to partner with us. That means that they learned from us and that we learned from them – as peers and as professionals.

I want to thank the U.S. Navy Seabees, the Amphibious Construction Battalion, and the U.S. Air Force Engineers who worked so hard on this and the other medical buildings in Danang, including the renovation of the children’s center.

As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations, we feel optimistic about how far we have come. The United States and Pacific Partnership want to be a long-term partner with Vietnam, and we aim to continue to come back and build on this year’s successes.