Request for Proposals / Notice of Funding Opportunity

August 19, 2016 Update: Please note that the deadline for proposals has been extended until 11:59p.m. Hanoi time on August 31, 2016.

The U.S. Mission to Vietnam is pleased to announce the opening of a competition for a grant to advance the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) persons in the workplace and to build a coalition between LGBTI-focused civil society organizations and leading businesses operating in Vietnam.

Grant Amount and Duration:  This competitive program will award a grant of up to $25,000 to qualified organizations.  The suggested duration for this project is 18-24 months.

Deadline for Proposals:  Proposals (in English) are due by 11:59p.m. (Hanoi time) on August 31, 2016.  Please e-mail proposals to   U.S. Mission Vietnam will not accept proposals submitted via fax, the postal system, or delivery companies.

I. Program Objectives

The United States is dedicated to eliminating barriers to equality, ending discrimination, and promoting human rights for LGBTI individuals. In recent years, the Vietnamese government, in consultation with civil society organizations and the international community, has taken positive steps regarding the rights of LGBTI persons. U.S. Mission Vietnam seeks to expand such partnerships to include the private sector and to increase social inclusiveness in the workplace, in particular for LGBTI individuals.

U.S. Mission Vietnam seeks proposals which address all of the following objectives:

  • Objective 1: Build a coalition of civil society organizations and businesses operating in Vietnam who support the rights of LGBTI individuals.
  • Objective 2: Work with civil society, businesses, and the government to expand social inclusion practices and improve awareness of the rights of LGBTI individuals in the workplace.
  • Objective 3: Strengthen and build the legal and policy framework to protect the rights of LGBTI individuals in the workplace.
II. General Guidelines

The most competitive proposals will:

  • Be from an organization with experience in working with civil society organizations, government agencies, and the private sector in Vietnam on the rights of LGBTI individuals.
  • Not duplicate existing efforts by other entities.
  • Describe activities to bring together civil society organizations and businesses, on a periodic basis, to advance workplace inclusiveness programs.
  • Include a strategy for developing partnerships with key Vietnamese businesses as well as multinational / U.S. businesses.
  • Identify the names of key staff who will be working on the project.
  • Include a list of proposed activities, a detailed budget (in U.S. dollars), and the metrics the organization will use to measure success/progress.
  • Describe potential risks/challenges to achieving the program objectives, and how the organization plans to overcome or mitigate such risks.

Organizations awarded a grant will be required to submit quarterly progress reports, in English, to U.S. Mission Vietnam.

U.S. Mission Vietnam will not consider proposals from individuals.

III. Review and Selection Process

U.S. Mission Vietnam will review all proposals for eligibility. U.S. Mission Vietnam reserves the right to request any additional programmatic and/or financial information regarding the proposal. Each proposal will be rated along the following six criteria:

1) Quality of Program Idea
Proposals should exhibit originality, substance, precision, and relevance to the Mission’s objectives for this program.

2) Program Planning/Ability to Achieve Objectives
A strong proposal will clearly describe how the proposed program activities contribute to the overall objectives. Each activity will be clearly developed and detailed. Objectives should be ambitious, yet measurable and achievable.

3) Sustainability
Proposals should clearly delineate how elements of the program will be sustainable beyond the life of the grant.

4) Program Evaluation Plan
Complete proposals should include a plan of how the project’s progress and impact will be monitored and evaluated throughout the project.

5) Institution’s Record and Capacity
The Bureau will consider the past performance of prior recipients and the demonstrated potential of new applicants.

6) Cost Effectiveness
Applicants are strongly encouraged to demonstrate program cost-effectiveness in their Proposal.

IV. Contact Information

For any questions regarding this request for proposals, please e-mail Once the deadline for has passed, U.S. Mission Vietnam will no longer respond to inquiries about this grant competition until the proposal review process is completed.