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Security and Safety Advice for Vietnam

In Vietnam, crime is rated HIGH in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Typical of any large metropolitan area, crimes of opportunity involving foreigners are regularly reported. Exercising common sense and a heightened sense of personal protective awareness will prevent you from becoming a criminal target.

Pick pocketing and thievery of personal items left unattended are common, especially in areas where large crowds gather. Avoid crowded areas when possible, including means of mass transportation.

Be aware of unlicensed or privately owned taxis/cabs. Insist on metered rides or negotiate a price to your destination prior to entering the vehicle.

Do not carry or display large amounts of currency or wear an inordinate amount of expensive jewelry in public areas. Distribute currency and identification in different pockets or accessible locations on your person. Always carry a form of identification with you, including a photocopy of your passport, to include your bio page and valid visa page.

Always have a charged cell phone with you. Dial 113 for Police; Dial 114 for Fire; Dial 115 for Ambulance; Dial 113 to report a Traffic Accident.

Due to the large volume of vehicles, casual observance of traffic rules and lack of traffic enforcement, extra vigilance is necessary when driving, riding or walking as a pedestrian in traffic. Be sure to be constantly mindful of traffic when crossing streets and intersections.