Speech by Ambassador Ted Osius for IDAHOT – BUBU Town

Good morning, everyone:
I am so excited to be here with you at BUBU (pronounced “boo boo”) Town – Be Unique, Be U.
It’s a fun acronym that captures very important words.
We are all different, and it is our diversity that enriches our world.
Since we are using acronyms today, I offer this one – RESPECT (TÔN TRỌNG) .

T-ự do thể hiện chính mình
Ô-m để chia sẻ, cầm tay để kết nối
N-ghe để thấu hiểu, nhìn lại để yêu thương
T-hành công là một hành trình, chứ không phải điểm đến
R-èn nhân để thành người tốt, sống nghĩa để thu phục lòng người
O-án trách chỉ là vô nghĩa
N-găn cản định kiến và kì thị để cởi mở và bao dung
G-iữ trí để đạt thành công!

Being unique sometimes brings difficulties.
Sometimes, you don’t look like everyone else.
Look at my family – my husband, Clayton, is African American.
My wonderful children, Tabo and Lucy, who couldn’t be here today, are of Hispanic origin.

In Vietnam, the LGBTI community is growing, led by people like you who not only understand the issues but also know firsthand what it is like to be different.

I’m happy to note, though, that we are witnessing real changes in attitudes among Vietnam’s people.

The U.S. Embassy in Vietnam is proud to support BUBU Town today, and I am proud to join these fine Ambassadors to celebrate with you today. I know we all look forward to continuing to work with and support you.

I hope you enjoy BUBU Town, and feel free to express who you are.

Thank you.