Speech by Ambassador Ted Osius Ha Tinh Orphanage

Speech by Ambassador Ted Osius Ha Tinh Orphanage

(as prepared)

[All Vietnamese] Good morning! We are very pleased to be able to visit the Ha Tinh Orphanage Center. I’ve learned that the motto of the Ha Tinh Orphanage Village is “Let’s love each other – We are brothers and sisters.” I can see the reality of this motto throughout the facility and in all of the smiling faces I encountered.

I applaud Mr. Dương Quỹ Đạo, Director and Founder of Ha Tinh Orphanage, for his work, and I’m so happy that two American agencies, World Concern Development Organization from Seattle and Brittany Hope Foundation from Pennsylvania, have been supporting this orphanage since it opened.

I’m also happy to be able to present today a donation of 100 helmets from the U.S. Mission in Vietnam. These helmets are stamped with a 20th Anniversary logo to commemorate 20 years of U.S.–Vietnam diplomatic relations. I can’t think of any issue that joins people together as strongly as protecting their children. I have two very small kids of my own, and know how precious every child is.

I am only in Ha Tinh province for a short visit this time, but am pleased that the United States just began activities to help your provincial military detect and clear unexploded ordinance in this province. I hope that project help improve the lives of the people of Ha Tinh, and especially that it will contribute to a brighter future for all the children of the province.

We would love to spend more time here but, we have to continue cycling all the way to Hue! Thank you to the staff and children of Ha Tinh Orphanage for welcoming us into your home. And wear your helmets!