Supporting Education for Future Policymakers

Attendees pose for a group photo

The USAID Governance for Inclusive Growth project collaborated with the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) to deliver in-depth training in Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) to over 40 law, economics, and public policy professors from ten universities in southern Vietnam. The event took place from June 24 and 25 in Ho Chi Minh City.

RIA is an analytic and evidence-based approach to policymaking that helps a country navigate complex choices and maximize positive policy impacts. Training modules were conducted by expert RIA practitioners using case studies from Vietnam. Leading the training were Mr. Nguyet Dinh Cung, President of CIEM, and Mr Phan Vinh Quang, Regulatory and Competitiveness Director for the Governance for Inclusive Growth project.

“Governance for Inclusive Growth is a joint US-Vietnam effort to build a policy environment that facilitates increased trade and investment, enhanced competitiveness, strengthened rule of law, and greater social inclusion for all citizens in Vietnam,” said Consul General Rena Bitter at the event. “Regulatory Impact Assessment is one critical tool that advances us closer to this larger goal.”

The event was part of an overall effort to incorporate RIA into public policy curricula so as to institutionalize this skill set among the future Vietnamese policymakers. This meant “training the trainers” and focusing on academic leaders. It is hoped that this round of CIEM and USAID training will help lead to an improved process for developing laws and regulations in the future.

Similar trainings were also conducted in Hanoi and Can Tho.