U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and U.S. Grains Council Representatives Welcome Historic U.S. Corn Shipment to Vietnam

Tran Trong Nghia, Vietnam Representative and Manuel Sanchez, Regional Director of U.S. Grains Council, Robert Hanson, Agricultural Counselor, Conrad Estrada, Regional Director Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, Thu Pham, Agricultural Specialist at U.S. Embassy Hanoi.

HANOI, May 7, 2018 – On May 3, 2018, with the assistance of the Quang Ninh Port Joint Stock Company in the Port of Cai Lan, U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Grains Council representatives welcomed the first direct shipment of U.S. corn to Vietnam.  The shipment, 67,000 metric tons of U.S. corn that arrived from the U.S. Pacific Northwest, is the first vessel to arrive after USDA and Vietnamese plant health officials agreed to a new plant health protocol in September of last year.  The shipment is also the first of many U.S. shipments of corn and other feed ingredients destined for Vietnam, including soybeans, soybean meal and distiller’s dried grains.

The corn and feed ingredients are destined for Vietnam’s rapidly expanding dairy and livestock sectors. Vietnam, which produces approximately 30 million metric tons of feed per year, has emerged as a leading market for U.S. corn and feed ingredients, with U.S. exports of these products nearing $700 million annually.  Vietnamese importers in attendance noted the high quality of the corn and the importance of strong relationships with U.S. suppliers.  The U.S. Grains Council provides trade servicing to Vietnamese feed and livestock producers to support the export of U.S. grains.

In a separate meeting, the delegation discussed port and trade developments with local Port Authority Representatives and Plant Protection Department Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.