U.S. Embassy Celebrates World Elephant Day

U.S. Embassy Celebrates World Elephant Day

HANOI, August 11, 2017 – In recognition of World Elephant Day, which falls on August 12, the U.S. Embassy is calling attention to these majestic creatures and their plight for survival, especially Vietnam’s wild elephants.

With this year’s World Elephant Day theme “Be Elephant Ethical” in mind, the U.S. Embassy organized a panel at the American Center to explore how we can all help protect the last 100 wild elephants in Vietnam.

“We all need to play a part. The task is not easy; no single country or person can stop wildlife trafficking alone.  But together, we can work to prevent wildlife crime and preserve elephants for centuries to come,” noted Ambassador Osius during the event.

The panel featured Ms. Van Nguyen Dao Ngoc and Ms. Alegria Olmedo, with the World Wildlife Fund, Ms. Rose Indenbaum, with TRAFFIC, and Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung, with the Education for Nature – Vietnam. Participants learned about how they can confront the threats to elephants by volunteering with wildlife organizations, supporting conservation efforts, and spreading awareness of the elephants’ struggle for survival.

The U.S. Embassy also screened the film “Ivory Game” on August 10, a documentary that examines the illegal ivory trade from the poaching of elephants in Africa to the selling of illegal ivory in Asia.