U.S. Embassy Hanoi Statement on Vietnam Labor Reform

HANOI, November 20, 2019 – On November 20, Vietnam adopted an amended Labor Code, representing an important step toward bringing its legal framework into greater alignment with international labor standards.

Vietnam’s National Assembly enacted historic legislation that allows for the formation of independent trade unions at the grassroots level. The law also improves collective bargaining rights, strengthens protections against discrimination at work, and enhances protections for younger workers. Importantly, the new law expands the Labor Code’s coverage from 15 to 56 million people by extending legal protections to workers without employment contracts.

Together, these new provisions demonstrate a significant commitment to advancing the protection of labor rights, and the United States Embassy commends the work of the government and the National Assembly for adopting these legal reforms.

As a longstanding partner with Vietnam on labor issues, the United States emphasizes the importance of solidifying reforms in the Labor Code, including through forthcoming regulations regarding the formation, registration, and functioning of independent trade unions, and the full protection of the right to collective bargaining and the right to strike. The United States looks forward to future engagement with Vietnam on the Labor Code’s regulations and implementation of the reforms, and to continued partnership on labor rights.