U.S., Vietnam Conduct Humanitarian Mission in Quang Ngai

A U.S. doctor is examining an elderly woman at Dung Quat Culture-Sports Center in Quang Ngai Province

The United States and Vietnam are conducting humanitarian assistance operations from March 23 to 30 in Quang Ngai province as part of Operation Pacific Angel (PACANGEL).

Approximately 65 U.S. military members have traveled to Quang Ngai where they join their Vietnamese military counterparts, local health and engineering specialists, and air force doctors from Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia to provide a range of services and help to the residents of the province. The PACANGEL teams are assisted by East Meets West, a non-governmental organization with programs in Southeast Asia.

Officially in its eighth year, PACANGEL supports capacity-building efforts by partnering with other governments, non-governmental agencies and multilateral militaries in the respective region to provide medical, dental, optometry, and engineering assistance to their citizens.

This operation will be used to improve and build relationships in the event of future humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts. The PACANGEL staff are divided into medical and engineering teams for the work in Quang Ngai. The medical team provides family practice, dental, optometry, pediatrics and women’s health care at two locations. Engineering efforts include plumbing, electrical and structural work on two schools and two clinics.