Vietnamese Audience Explores Native American Heritage and Culture

Mr. Joe Freeman introduces history of tribes in the Mid-Atlantic states

In November, hundreds of Vietnamese including teachers, students, and member of the community gathered at the American Center every week to participate in a talk series on Native American heritage presented by Information Officer Joe Freeman. The series included three sessions highlighting the history and traditions of tribes in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Southwest. Through interactive photos and videos, Joe walked audience through different periods of history, introducing Native American ways of life, beliefs, famous Native Americans, history before and after 1492, and how popular society has portrayed Native Americans over time.

Photo of the participants
Participants enjoyed Native American photo show

Program participants were especially interested in the variety of cultures among tribes and traditional foods. Attending the programs, participants also had a chance to enjoy a photo show which consists of 20 photos about tribes in different regions. This program is a post-initiated activity to introduce American culture and history to young Vietnamese.