Medical Examination & Vaccination Fees

  • Medical examination fee:  The fee is US$215 for each applicant aged 15 years or older and US$132 for each applicant under 15 years old.  Cho Ray hospital accepts fees in Vietnamese Dong only.  The International Organization for Migration (IOM) accepts fees only in Vietnam Dong or U.S. dollars.
  • Vaccinations: Fees for vaccinations depend on your age and the required vaccinations.

For more information, please visit the Medical Examination and Vaccinations page.

Visa Application Processing Fees

The Visa Application Processing Fees vary depending on the visa for which you are applying.  These fees are non-refundable.  For detailed information about these fees, please visit the Department of State’s website.  For information about your visa classification, please visit our Directory of Visa Categories.

  • For immigrant visa applicants:  Each intending immigrant, regardless of age, requires a separate visa application processing fee at the National Visa Center or our office.  If the applicant or petitioner has not paid the fee at the National Visa Center, please be prepared to pay at our office on the interview day.  We accept U.S. dollars or Vietnamese Dong in cash, or the following credit cards in U.S. Dollars: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  We cannot accept checks.
  • For K visa applicants:  Please follow these instructions.


  • Immigrant and K visa renewal applicants must pay the immigrant visa application processing fee or the K Machine Readable Visa fee again at the Consulate.
  • Reaffirmed petition applicants do not need to pay the visa application processing fee again.